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Fail, make history!

What are the chances that you will get something right the first time?

The probability is Low.

Even if the product or service is near to perfection it needs to be implemented to the real world to be adapted.

That’s why you shoudn't give up on the first try.

Let us tell some stories that will push you and inspire you to continue with your idea but not insist on the same one, develop it till it will be accepted and successful.

Steve Jobs Got fired from his own company Apple, Lincoln failed its business then later on lost election and won them after a couple of years.

Bill Gates was part of a failing business and Disney was considered not creative enough.

Failure it's what shapes our abilities, and failing helps us. Not to sound ironic but this is how:

It thickness our skin

We get used and become stranger every time, build new ways and learn new paths how to come out of it.

It helps us build emotional resilience.

Nothing scares us anymore, we become more intuitive and learn to go with the flow which apparently increases creativity and innovation.

Resets our focus

Every-time we get a No as an answer we focus somewhere else, and we get another opportunity to succeed.

Last but not least we will inspire others

By continuing in our idea and in our way to success we will be an inspiration for others near us to not give up.

So next time you will receive a NO, rethink, try again because you may be one step closer this time.

If you will get a NO again, read the previous sentence again!


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