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Storytelling for Business Success 
 F2F or Virtual Instructor Led     

In the past few years, we have been inspired by many storytellers through TED talks. Can you learn to be as good or are they born storytellers? Steve Jobs’ example of transformation from a hesitant speaker to the most inspiring says a lot.


As innovators we use stories to explore customers’ deeper needs, develop ideas about how to meet those needs and convince others of the value of our solutions when we feel good about having reached one.

As managers we use storytelling to make ideas feel real and compelling, in order to connect with our people, to empathise and deeply understand their needs and aspirations. We also use stories to pitch our new ideas in ways that can drum up support from our bosses, our team, our followers.

Academy of Design Thinking can help you become a great storyteller! 

Storytelling for Business Success is a practical, coach led programme, full of immersive activities that will help you learn and practice. You will be using our human centred 4D framework and practice:

  • How to understand the audience

  • How to connect with their thoughts and feelings

  • How to reach them in their own context

  • How to craft the message with clarity, simplicity and beauty

  • How to deliver a story in a multichannel way

  • How to inspire and persuade

Who should take part:

Managers, leaders, anybody that aspires to be a better presenter, storyteller.


Course Fee: Half Day £475/ One Day £795/ Two Days £1250 (includes IOEE Certificate)

This programme is based on years of experience at one of the world’s leading storytellers, the BBC and research insights from The Future of Work Consortium, which highlight the need for including storytelling skills in leadership and talent development. 

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