Introduction to Agile and Scrum 

1 Day(F2F) or two Virtual Instructor Led sessions x 2.5 hours


A CRASH COURSE on Agile and Scrum Methodology

Agile is being adopted by many companies as a way of working. In this course we will have an introduction to the agile principles and values and how it works in practice. 


A hands-on course to give you the basics of Agile Principles and values and Scrum methodology.

There are three modules in this introductory course:

Module 1:
What is Agile and why is it being adopted by many companies? How do the values defined by the Agile Manifesto work in. on-software context:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools,

  • Working software over comprehensive documentation

  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

  • Responding to change over following a plan

Module 2:
What is Scrum? There are many agile methodologies. In this course we will focus on the Scrum Methodology.  We will look at Scrum as an agile process that enables the team to focus on delivering the highest value in the shortest time, by constantly assessing, iterating, improving.We will bring plenty of examples how self organizes teams repeatedly evaluate the result of their work every two weeks to one month before deciding to “release” or go for another improvement iteration.


Module 3:
How does a Scrum work? In this module we will focus on key scrum ceremonies, the daily scrum, the sprint planning the Sprint review, the sprint retrospective. We will also delve into the tasks and responsibilities of the Product owner, scrum master and how the team functions.

The course is interactive, and practical.

The programme is suitable for product owners, lab leads, managers, project leaders, and anybody interested to develop the innovation muscle. At the end of the programme you are awarded an IOEE Certificate, recognisable and prestigious in UK and elsewhere. 

Fee: £595pp

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