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AI-driven Design Thinking Masterclass 

Are you ready to revolutionise the way you approach problem-solving and innovation?

Join us for a two day "AI-driven Design Thinking Masterclass", where we merge the power of human creativity with cutting-edge AI technology to shape the future. 

In this masterclass, you will explore the synergy between design thinking principles and AI-driven solutions, unlocking new possibilities for innovation and transformation. The Masterclass is delivered in-house, customised for your professionals, in your context.


Key Learning Outcomes: 

1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of design thinking principles and methodologies, and how they can be augmented and enhanced through the integration of AI technologies.

2. Develop practical skills in leveraging AI tools and techniques to empathise with users, define problems, ideate innovative solutions, prototype and test for real-world business challenges.

3. Acquire the ability to analyze and interpret data using AI-driven analytics tools, and utilize data-driven insights to prioritize problem areas, allocate resources effectively, and drive strategic decision-making within the organization.

4. Apply AI-driven design thinking strategies and methodologies to develop innovative solutions, optimize business processes, and create value for customers, stakeholders, and the organization as a whole.

Through a blend of theoretical insights, hands-on exercises, and real-world case studies, you'll learn how to harness the potential of AI to drive creativity, enhance user experiences, and solve complex challenges across diverse domains. 

Bring your team and gain the skills and tools needed to innovate and solve complex problems more effectively. They will be able to identify new opportunities, address customer pain points, and develop innovative solutions that drive business growth and competitiveness. 

The masterclass is suitable for product owners, lab leads, design leads, managers, project leaders, and anybody interested to develop the innovation muscle. At the end of the masterclass  you are awarded an IOEE Certificate, recognisable and prestigious in UK and elsewhere. 

Masterclass Fee: Two Days £1250p/p

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