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Design Thinking Facilitator
Three Month Program


Thousands of participants have experienced our Design Thinking Facilitation.

We now share our knowledge and tools, so that you become a Design Thinking Facilitator. 

This is our advanced course. You have taken the Design Thinking module in our Academy, or elsewhere and would like to start facilitating your own Design Thinking sessions. Then this programme is for you.

The programme runs over the course of three months. It is a blended program consisting of Face to Face/Virtual Instructor led training, real life practice, reflection and mentoring:

  • Month 1: Three dayWorkshop (Face to face or Virtual Instructor Led Training) 

  • Month 2 : Practice Facilitation /Reflection and Coaching

  • Month 3 : Practice Facilitation and Coaching 

  • The Programme ends with a Personal Development Plan.


Learning Outcomes


The Goal:

Participants will be able to facilitate Design Thinking, champion the Design Thinking approach, and be catalysts for Human Centred Innovation. 

Upon completion of the program, the participants will be empowered to use Design Thinking to facilitate teams addressing complex challenges. More specifically they will be proficient to:

  • Understand the brief for the facilitation challenge

  • Guide the team through a divergent process of understanding human needs and business needs

  • Manage the convergent process of making sense of data, identifying hypotheses and framing and reframing problems

  • Facilitate idea generation sessions

  • Lead the team to develop concepts and test with users 

  • Facilitate prototyping and testing

  • Guide the team to create a blueprint for implementation

  • Have the creative confidence to select appropriate methods and tools for desired outcomes.

  • Design and facilitate events like Design Sprints, Bootcamps or Hackathons, that inspire experiences that are memorable and conducive to creativity and innovation.

  • Create group processes that engage and involve all participants, honouring and recognising diversity, ensuring inclusiveness and evoking group creativity, key principles of facilitation. 

Who should take part:

Innovation catalysts, managers, project leaders, designers, facilitators, and anybody passionate to innovate.

On completion of the three- month Program, participants are awarded IOEE Certificates.

Course Fee: £2195pp

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