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Meet The Team

Tim Cooke.png

Tim Cooke

Strategist, journalist, master facilitator of large groups.

Based in London


Mandeep Maitra

Director India, HR Guru, CEO Master Coach, Transforming Change, Design Thinking, based in Mumbai.


Julia Goga-Cooke 

CEO, Design Thinking Trainer, Facilitator, Journalist, Storyteller.

Based in London


Fiona Cotterill

 An award winning media professional who's worked with top executives and businesses, transforming the way they communicate 

Bleri Goga. jpeg.jpeg

Bleri Goga

Communication and Multimedia. Presentation trainer, voice coach and spin doctor. Based in Albania.

Claudia Lee.png

Claudia Lee

Communication Designer, Film Maker, Animation designer.

Based in Singapore

Paola Miani.jpg

Paola Miani

Leader in strategic design and innovation with more than 20 years of experience, focused on delivering strategic projects for cultural and organisational change to create sustainable futures.


Dr. Ida Telabasic

Expert on service design innovation and systemic structural change, including critical evaluation of the designer’s role in building systemic models.


Dr. Thorsten Roser 

Innovation Doctor, Entrepreneur, Academic. Based in Cambridge. 

Raymond Chike.png

Raimond Chike

Guiding and coaching organisations, distributed teams and Leaders to embrace Business Agility, Innovation & Digital Transformation

dan cooke_edited.jpg

Dan Cooke

Data analyst, Podcaster, Data Storyteller. Based in London.

Dr. Vicky Lofthouse.png

Dr. Vicky Lofthouse

Design thinker – Design facilitators – Researcher - Trainer – Sustainable designer

Marzia Arico

Marzia Arico

Head of Design. Cutting edge everything. Based in Holland.

Ilona Domnich.jpg

Ilona Domnich

Acclaimed opera singer, vocal coach, stage presence, body language trainer and coach

Bela Dajka

Bela Dajka

Communication Executive, Design Thinker, Serious Lego Play Facilitator

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