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Experience Design Bootcamp:
From Insight to Prototype in 48 Hours

Two Day Course 

Immerse yourself in the world of Experience Design (XD) with our dynamic two-day introductory course, designed to equip you with the fundamental principles and practices that make for successful, user-centered design. Over the course of these two engaging and interactive days, you’ll embark on a journey from the conceptual underpinnings of UX and XD to the practical application of designing a user-centered product.

Day 1 dives into the foundations of Experience Design, starting with an overview that defines key terms and concepts, laying the groundwork for understanding the user-centric approach that underpins all successful design work. Emphasize the importance of empathy, introduce the Design Thinking framework, and expose you to the power of understanding user needs through direct engagement and research methods.

Interactive sessions will allow you to practice creating user personas—fictional yet data-informed characters—that represent your target audience. These personas become the cornerstone of any design decision you’ll make, ensuring that the solutions are tailored to real needs and pain points. You'll end the day by framing design challenges based on authentic user scenarios, setting the stage for

Day 2 turns concepts into action, opening with an energetic ideation session. Here, creativity is king as you brainstorm and sketch out possible solutions to the design challenges set forth the previous day. Moving onto prototyping, we trade in the hypothetical for the tangible. You’ll learn the ins and outs of creating effective low-fidelity prototypes, using these simplified models to visualize and refine your ideas quickly.

The course crescendoes with hands-on usability testing, a cornerstone of the XD process. Under our guidance, you’ll conduct live tests with your prototypes, gathering feedback that’s essential to the iterative design process. Experience the rapid evolution of your project as you apply real-time insights to enhance and polish your design.

Wrap up the course with an informal presentation of your solution, sharing insights and reflections on the design journey. This not only hones your communication skills but also offers a platform for peer feedback and the closing critique, pivotal to the collaborative design process.

Throughout this whirlwind course, you’ll be provided with a comprehensive handbook, a curated reading list for deepening your understanding of XD, and a clear outline of tools and methods to continue your exploration in this exciting field. 

You’ll walk away not just with knowledge, but with the beginnings of a portfolio piece and a newfound confidence to tackle design problems with a user-first mindset. Whether you're a complete novice curious about the field or a professional aiming to add a user-experience lens to your skillset, this course is an efficient and effective launchpad into the world of Experience Design.

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