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Everyday, as customers, clients, users, citizens, we go through good and bad experiences.

We experience them when we interact with people, products, services, platforms, apps, and more. When our interaction is smooth, simple, efficient we are delighted. When it is complicated, time consuming, too bureaucratic we get frustrated and disappointed.

As businesses we realise that User Experience is an extremely powerful product or service differentiator. 


The question is how do we do it? If experiences are about the emotional and cognitive reactions we feel when doing something, is it possible to design experiences, and how? 

In this course you will learn: 


  • The fundamentals of User Experience

  • Key methods and tools for UX Research

  • Key methods and tools for UX Design

  • The fundamentals of UX Management

Who should take part:

Project managers, Product owners, Team leaders, marketeers, that eager to put User Experience at the heart.

Programme Fee: £1250 pp

All courses are awarded IOEE Certificates, recognised in UK and abroad.

User Experience Fundamentals
Two Day Course ( F2F or Virtual Instructor Led) 

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