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This course will give you the foundations to understand how you could help the climate crisis at work and it will provide practical tools to make sure your design decisions are considering the impact they have in the environment.


Did you know that 80% of carbon emissions can be avoided during the Design phase?

Learn how to put the planet at the core of your creative work and use your design skills to help solve climate change.


Designers are passionate about making a difference for people and the business, now designers and, everyone involved in the design process, have the opportunity and responsibility to play a key role to also deliver value to society and the environment.


 If you have ever asked yourself the following questions, this course is for you:

  • How can design help organisations achieve sustainability goals?

  • Where and how can designers make the most impact?

  • How can designers and product teams make sure they are considering the unintended consequences of their decisions on society and the planet?

  • How can designers identify opportunities to do good and not harm the planet with their design decisions?

  • How can Designers put the planet as a key stakeholder in everything they do?


In this course you will learn:

  • A good understanding of sustainability and how it relates to your daily work

  • Understand how digital services contribute to carbon emissions

  • Understand how to put the planet as a key stakeholder in your daily work

  • Understand the role Designers can play to fight the climate crisis

  • Understand how to embed a sustainability lens in the Design Thinking approach and how to enhance the design toolkit to consider the planet as a key stakeholder

  • Understand how to optimise the creation of a service to minimise waste and increase inclusivity

For practical reasons, this course will focus on the climate challenges around sustainability. However, to become sustainable is key to consider the social impact as well as the environmental impact of the decisions we make.

Who should take part?

Designers from various disciplines (Design strategists, Service Designers, Design Researchers, Interaction Designers, UX designers, visual designers, copywriters), Project managers, Product owners, Team leaders, and anyone that is eager to put the planet as a key stakeholder in order to contribute in achieving the sustainability goals.


We also run this course for teams of minimum 4 participants. Do get in touch!

All courses are awarded IOEE Certificates, recognised in UK and abroad.

Designing sustainable digital services
One Day Course ( F2F or Virtual Instructor Led)
Course Leader: Paola Miani

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