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September 21st & 22nd

October 19th & 20th


Design Thinking Innovation

This is a two-day foundational course. Solving complex problems in innovative ways is at the top of the agenda for many companies.  We all need to improve or create new products and services that delight customers and adopt new ways of working to deliver fast and at scale. It is no surprise that 79 percent of executives in the Global Human Capital Trends survey rated Design Thinking as an important or very important Trend. 


The question is HOW?

Companies like Apple, Google, Fidelity, SAP, IBM, AirBnB and many more are adopting Design Thinking as a human centred approach to Innovation. So could you!


The aim of this intermediate course is to enable you to apply an innovation  mindset of Compassion, Collaboration, Courage and Curiosity as well as equip you with a framework, methods and tools that you and your team can apply straight away.


You will learn:

  • How to explore complex problems using a combination of divergent and convergent thinking.

  • How to draw insights from analysis and synthesis of the data you collect through primary and secondary research.

  • How to use both critical and creative thinking to frame and reframe problems.

  • How to turn problems into opportunities for innovative solutions through creative processes of inclusion and participation.

  • How to use experimentation to mitigate the risks of developing your new ideas.

  • How to tell the story of your innovative solution in a way that convinces, persuades and inspires.

  • How to apply human centred innovation in your work and combine it with Agile and Lean.


Who should take part:

Project managers, change managers, product owners, team leaders, and anybody that aspires to be an innovator. 

At the end of the programme you are awarded an IOEE Certificate, recognisable and prestigious in UK and elsewhere. 

Course Fee: £1250 (includes IOEE Certificate)

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