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Academy of Design Thinking                             COURSES

Academy of Design Thinking offers courses in Design Thinking Innovation and Storytelling for Business Success.  We deliver our courses both face to face and virtually. 

All the courses award IOEE Certificates. 

Design Thinking Facilitator

Empower teams and drive innovation. This program empowers you to lead effective workshops and foster a culture of creativity. 
Storytelling for business Success Master the Art of Storytelling: Transform your business narratives into compelling tales that inspire teams, captivate clients, and drive impactful brand messaging. Elevate your leadership with the power of story.
Sustainable Design,

Where creativity meets responsibility. Create impactful solutions with a positive environmental and social footprint.
Leadership Presentation
Storytelling with data 
Learn to captivate with data! Discover how to craft engaging narratives using visuals to turn complex information into memorable stories.
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