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Academy of Design Thinking offers courses in Design Thinking Innovation and Storytelling for Business Success. 

All our courses are designed to be used both as face to face and virtual programmes.

All the courses award IOEE Certificates. Do get in touch!



CRASH COURSE on Design Thinking

A hands-on course to give you the basics of Design Thinking.


Introduction to Agile and Scrum

The agile principles and values and how it works in practice.


Design Thinking Innovation


Solving complex problems in innovative ways is at the top especially in times of crises.


What process can you use to come up with better products, services and experiences for your customers?


Design Thinking Facilitator

Facilitate Design Thinking, champion the Design Thinking approach, and be catalysts for Human Centred Innovation. 


Storytelling for 

Data Analysts

How to prepare, design and run a Virtual Design Thinking Bootcamp in your school, college, work or your town.


Designing Sustainable
digital services 

DT & Circular Pilots:
Formulating Hypothesis 

DT & Circular Pilots:
Set up experiments & testing

This course will give you the foundations to understand how you could help the climate crisis at work and it will provide practical tools to make sure your design decisions are considering the impact they have in the environment.

How to formulate hypothesis with your customers in mind. Learn what is an hypothesis, the characteristics of good hypothesis and try your hand to frame yours.

How to set up experiments, test them and analyse the feedback. How do you decide what to test, how to think. about what you. measure and how to interpret results.

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