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Academy of Design Thinking                             COURSES

Academy of Design Thinking offers courses in Design Thinking Innovation and Storytelling for Business Success.  We deliver our courses both face to face and virtually. 

All the courses award IOEE Certificates. 

Intro to Design Thinking is a one day beginner's course. You will learn the fundamentals of Design Thinking through hands-on practice. A day of activities and learn by doing. 
Design Thinking Facilitator
is a three month course to empower you to facilitate teams, small and large, by using the human centred approach of design thinking. 
Storytelling for business Success is a two day course  to kick off your storytelling journey! 
Design Thinking Innovation
is an intermediate two day course packed with Design Thinking application of process, mindset and innovator toolbox.  Join us 

ADT Storytelling Courses Storytelling is a key human skill. At ADT we offer two courses on Storytelling as well as One-to-One coaching.
Leadership Presentation
Storytelling with data is a key skill for data analysts, designers, engineers but also any manager and leader. 
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