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A Person of Business.

There is something wrong with perfection. We are not saying that you don't have to chase it but to be fair it kills diversity.

In today's market we see a lot of things taking fame and success overnight, no prediction made.


It’s clear because they are built to attract the human mind to be the relief of their problem, not the solution.

The human mind doesn’t easily accept that there is a solution for their problem but they are sensitive when it comes to the relief of it.

It's all a matter of perception.

The same we encourage with the product development or business strategies. There are two options when you can choose:

One - Do you want to build something primary that will be different form the market and will bring change or

Two - Do you want to build a substitute or a complementary product of an existing one.

Both choices are good, the choice depends on the result you want to achieve and the timing you have available for the product to take off and bring profit to the business.

If you go with the first choice you have to wait, you have to improve daily and learn from the user experience, it took years and years till Elon Musk made Tesla “The Tesla'', or you can choose the second one and build something that already exists it’s easier since you already have the user experience and product structure ready and the profit will come quicker. It took TikTok one year to be one of the most used apps in Europe and USA. We have to mention that it took an upgrade from Musically.

When it's this easy why doesn't everyone go with the second option though?

When people build things usually they like to create based on their preference and not go with someone else's idea. If you are in search of money then that choice is for you but if your goal is creation then you won't fall for someone else's idea.

All of this looks like a business class, what has to do with design thinking?

As we mentioned above everything is a matter of choices, what we think, how we observe is essential in business and product development, it's the butterfly effect, everything affects everything.

Even though in business school you learn a lot of maths, when it comes to practice maths is not enough.

Learning how to communicate, how to observe and be innovative is the primary requirement for a good business person to succeed.

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