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Design Thinking and Sports

Sports organisations have a hard time making decisions, because their focus should be on both the team and the fans, and it's not easy to keep up with them. It's like what you want and what you need.

Decision making in this case is complex because a lot of variables get into the game, such as organisation finances, supporters, brand name, history, media and expectations.

The team should take everything into consideration, brainstorm it and make the best decision.

How did Design thinking end up here?

Whenever there is the word decision you get design thinking after that, as there is always a place for optimisation in the decision making process.

Having diverse teams bringing different perspectives helps the organisation have a wider point of view, and so more opportunities to analyse.

By following agile and scrum steps the team will be able to relate to data and experiences.

Everything starts with setting goals and monthly objectives, then you can structure and map how the team and organisation can achieve them.

After that it is easier to follow up with each step and if something goes wrong you will have a clear idea of where the problem comes from and how to find a solution as fast as you can, as we know that in sports time is money and you don't have enough of that.

Educating your team members for the importance of each step is essential in coming up with great solutions and effective decisions for the sports team and branding.

Design thinking is not overrated but sometimes underrated for the simple reason that it offers possible solutions while following optimal steps.


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