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When to and not to use Design Thinking

Design Thinking problem solviong
Is your situation a Yes or a No?

We hear about design thinking everywhere.

Business magazines such as “The Economist” or “Business Insider” are constantly writing about it. It seems like it is the new trend now, but should we follow it or not?

Well, Design Thinking is a mindset, a better understanding of the human behaviour and analysing what seem really “complex”.

In a few words it can helps you put priorities and recognise what can and can’t work, this is one of its usage.

But sometimes problems aren't complex they are just complicated, Design thinking can give you a better point of view but can't resolve a thing there because complicated problems require complicated solution, this is how it works and Design Thinking is not complicated.

Where is the difference between complex and complicated?

If we have many variables and a lots of information it's just complex and if it is sensitive it is complicated.

In Design Thinking we can learn how to be experimental, how to build and work on theories and if your problem needs to have and end, then there is another case when you shouldn’t use it, because on this field there is always space for diversity and changment of variables .

We think it as a relative sector sometimes because everything affects everything, time, humans, variables, economy, but if you know the basics you can never be wrong.

Nor understanding the problem nor the solution.

Come join us to expand your POV.


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