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Tips for a better “YOU”

Through the darkest time the light shines better they say.

Well through the "different" times 2020 brought us we learned how to be creative, how to be productive in special situations, and some of them turned out to work perfectly.

design thinking innovation

Some of the valuable lesson that we learned are:

  • How to work remotely

  • How to embrace tension

  • How to lead by empowering your employees

  • How to create engaging online experiences

  • How to be resilient

  • How to practice design thinking virtually

We were forced to change our daily habits and were obliged to create new structures of working. Under great pressure we created a new way of working, which fortunately turned out to work very well.

Our mind is the key and while being separated from everyone we learned how to keep it healthy, how to embrace tension and think positively.

Some of us even managed to focus on expanding their knowledge and brought a bit of Design Thinking into their daily routine.

Are you one of them, and how do you become one if you’re not?

mindset design thinking

There are some routines you can add to your daily life to optimize your way of thinking:

  1. Keep track of your daily activities to determine which you enjoy the most,

  2. Take note of how your activities affect you,

  3. Improve your routine to help your mindset.

  4. Think of several scenarios, or paths, for the next five years of your life.

-One scenario is your current life if it simply continues as it is;

-The second scenario is what you would do if your current life were suddenly gone;

-For more scenarios, think of what you may want to do with your life.


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