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Small Changes Big Improvements

We hear a lot about self improvement, procrastinating and evolving to a better version of us. People think of it as a health related issue and it is true, it's all related to our mental health and the way we feel about things.

Every idea, every solution comes from our thinking process and we have to work with it so it can help us later on to give us the best solutions and ideas it can.

But how?

Everything is related to the analysis of the situation and the importance of decision making, which is why Design Thinking is the key.

We already know that the design thinking process has 5 steps, if not check this out.

It all starts with empathising about the situation and ends with testing it.

You should put them in practice but we know you may find it difficult, and maybe you don’t feel confident enough to put them into practice at work, so the solution we give you is to start using them on the first movements in your daily routine: exercising, breakfast, getting ready, try to think of the problems you find during these moments and then start looking for solutions, consult with others and then try to build some solutions and test them in the coming days.

Having tested all of them, don’t forget to keep track of your results.

Check the results and choose the ones that help you be a better version, feel better.

Well it shouldn’t be that hard to try this practice at work too.

Are you ready now?


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