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3 Metodologies and 4 Types of People. Who are you when facing problems?

Design Thinking is a new approach to problem solving leading to a new way of organising work in companies. There are various methodologies of the design thinking process, from three to seven distinct steps. As different as they are, these versions nonetheless embody the same principle first revealed by Herbert Simon, Nobel laureate in physics in the Sciences of the Artificial in 1969.

But how we solve problems depends on our personality too. Different people have different ways of dealing with things.

Here we present you with three methodologies which can be implemented by 4 types of people.

1- Methodology number one:

To everyone who is goal oriented, risk taker and can handle stress the most suitable methodology is the one by Tim Brown.

You have three steps in dealing with things:

  • Inspire (what is the problem?),

  • Ideate (how can we solve it?),

  • Implementation (implement the solution).

In a few words focus on the solution and on the achievement.

2- Methodology number two:

To everyone who is relationship-oriented, outgoing and enthusiastic the most suitable methodology is the one by Jeremy Gutsche .

You have five steps in dealing with the problem:

  • Define (what is the problem),

  • Ideate (create an hypothesis about it),

  • Synthesise (categorise and stay focused),

  • Prototype (bring ideas to life),

  • Test (test your hypothesis).

This is for those who like to have certainty on their way to the solution.

3- And the last methodology suits two types of people:

we are talking about the Rolf Faste methodology, the seven step one.

These two types of people are detail oriented, logical, cautious, prepared and stabilised, they need facts and proof for everything.

This is why they have to :

  • Define,

  • Research,

  • Ideate,

  • Prototype,

  • Select,

  • Implement,

  • learn from it.

They use the feedback to assess their work.

So what type of person are you?

Don't hesitate to contact us for further information.


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