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Netflix and Chill?

Back in the day, every-time there was a new release people had to go and buy it on Blockbuster, but Netflix came along and sent to them all the new releases via email. It listened to the audience and helped them solve this problem.

But times changed and it started the era of digitalisation, there is when Netflix stepped ahead.

Marketing Idea
Netflix Business Plan

While Blockbuster held fast to its business model, Netflix pivoted using design thinking to become an on-demand streaming site in response to cable’s competition and, more importantly, to its customer needs and expectations.

But it didn’t stop there, the market needed more content, people were new to the situation and were open to accept everything. They used this innovation and thinking method and expanded it, with tv shows, movies, anime etc.

They provided solutions and comfort as it was what made the change at that time.

Their plan was structured, well scheduled and you didn’t have the possibility to think as you were given the “Because you watched..” option.

Artificial intelligence was your brain and the one who decided for you while you were scrolling through the page.

People started liking it and sharing it with their friends, they made it a Trend.

The Design wasn't the one that made "WOW", though it got a huge impact, lets remember that amazon $1.5 Trillion net worth and google $320 billion of worth have changed their design over the years and still remain niches in their sector. Is what you offer, a complex yet simple solution to the users.

This is why Design Thinking is Not one person or one team, Design Thinking should be the entire company, all departments in it should have that thinking method incorporated in their daily life, only in this way it would be productive and effective to the company and the environment.

This is the power of Design Thinking!


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