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Collaboration between AI and people

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

This week I got fascinated by AI stories, yet again. I'm sharing three of them this week which are about collaboration between AI and people. The first is about a short film presented at the Venice Film Festival, called Agence. It is neither a film nor a game, in fact it is a hybrid of both. You watch a film and you influence the plot while watching it. Could it be what the future of film will be? I loved i! The second AI story is about the future of manufacturing, the smart factory that can make not one thing or five, but can self organise to make more. The third is about AI and the world of creativity.

Looking to the future is mind boggling. So is looking at the past though. This week I learnt about Aristotle's three types of knowledge: Techne, Episteme and Phronesis , and why a leader needs to balance between the three.

What else this week? I missed the Harvest Moon on Thursday, the photos were amazing. I miss going to galleries, an activity I find both meditative, emotional and inspiring. Thanks to the efforts of lots of galleries round the world, Virtual Visiting has become a weekend past time. Check out the Impressionist at Royal Academy. I loved the Gaugin in 60 seconds.


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