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What type of feeling are you selling?

I’m sure a lot of this sounds familiar. These days, you can’t travel more than a few clicks online without stumbling across an article on how business needs to tell stories. This surge in storytelling enthusiasm is the key.

But why is it so important to create an interesting story so you can succeed?

Nowadays you can find a lot of options for one single product, but how can you claim that yours is better, how can you attract users?

People don’t buy products anymore they buy feelings, ways of living.

The business needs to create a feeling, and not only that - it should be able to tell it in the right way so it can engage people, and send a clear message.

Storytelling can be a lifelong and life sustaining habit of mind, a personal inheritance that connects us to our communities. It can also serve as an organisational inheritance, a management tool that helps businesses to develop and thrive.

Bringing up old stories, events that brought people together and telling them in a unique way earns you respect in the market and then you can let the brand do its work.

No wonder Nike is a niche nowadays, because it takes people's stories and sells its products advertising their difficulties and how they fought all their obstacles.

Now everyone who buys Nike thinks he can do it too, he can pass all the difficulties.

What about Coca-Cola? Everyone wants family time, we all need joy in our life and that is what they sell.

Do you have a clear story for your business? Or to put in another way, what type of feeling you are selling?

We got some other tips for you, Stay Tuned.


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