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Storytelling with Data

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

What does it mean Storytelling with Data

Data Storytelling is really powerful. All kinds of enterprises have data that tell what is happening, but it does not show the WHY behind. And this is where storytelling with data or data storytelling joins the game. Using Data Storytelling enables you to communicate information to a specific audience. 

How to perform Data Storytelling successfully

Normally storytelling is a way of transferring information age after age to humankind. But dealing with so much data, the process can become really complex. 

There are three main elements to successfully perform data storytelling and is all about:

  • Narrative, 

  • Data Science, 

  • Visualization.

To extract the famous WHY behind every data we need to get deeper into these key elements. Main aim is about giving data a voice by leveregaing all of these components.

Basically, data is all about insights while visualisation represents a kind of pattern to be based on. But when it comes to narrative or storytelling, the purpose is about persuading in a form that facts, reports and market trends seldom do. And that’s because stories make an emotional connection. Storytellers caption our imagination with compelling narratives of initiative, hard work, and innovation.

What is the aim of all this?

This is not just about creating fancy charts. It is important to first focus on the message and the audience before producing any visuals. Think of your audience, what do you want to achieve, what is the message or informaction you want your audience to know related to your data.

Storytelling with Data is the future

This is an approach successfully followed by Uber, Slack, and other companies to transform their data insights into a beautiful, meaningful message towards their audience. Because people enjoy more context rather than just facts or data. Data Storytelling enables you not just find your WHY and make it clear to yourself. It  also helps you send value packed messages to your clients without them needing to make a guess what message you want them to know. And this makes it so powerful in terms of business.

Furthermore, the combination of context, visuals and data will help companies to discover even more valuable insights about them. This is essential about lifting your business and being ready for further improvements.


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