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Inspire to Innovate

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Another week of Zooms, Murals, Whatsaps, MSTeams. At the end of the week Microsoft data tells me 67% of my time has been spent in collaboration and I have been engaging with 49 people. That is definitely more than when I was going everyday to the real office. Why do I crave meeting people then?

This week I was inspired by how two Pakistani doctors designed a telemedicine service, whereby female doctors who, like them, had stopped practising to focus on their families, can work from home to treat patients in local clinics on live video links or apps.

I loved Sunil Gupta’s example of how Rivigo is revolutionizing the trucking industry in India

understanding human needs and designing solutions based on them.

The world around us has got most of the answers we look for if we know where to look. This week I got the Innovation lessons from Cheetahs, the most agile hunter on earth. The secret is not only how fast they are but also how fast they stop and turn.

One more hope for me as I search for the next innovation in self driving cars (never learnt to drive). Will the skateboard car be my next hope?

I hope you enjoy Inspire to Innovate.

Stay well


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