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The Truck that Couldn’t!!

Have you ever heard about the Truck that Couldn’t?

Well there was this guy who was driving a truck and while he was in front of a low bridge he thought he could pass it and continued his way to it, but it was too low for the truck's height that's why it got stuck. It caused traffic and a lot of problems for other cars, which resulted in emergency personnel, firefighters, engineers and truck drivers to come all there to solve the problem.

Whether to dismantle parts of the truck or chip away parts of the bridge these two were the solution that came out, but they needed time and would cause a lot of costs.

Till a little guy who was passing by said out loud “Why won’t you just let the air out of the tires?”

The solution got tested and it worked out with the minimal cost possible.

The same thing happens with our brain too, we tend to make things more difficult than they are and the solutions are not the most efficient out there. Complexity bias is a logical fallacy that leads us to give undue credence to complex concepts.

Faced with two competing hypotheses, we are likely to choose the most complex one. That’s usually the option with the most assumptions and regressions. As a result, when we need to solve a problem, we may ignore simple solutions thinking “that will never work” and instead favour complex ones.

We have to freshen up our mind with daily habits and be more open to practicality as it's the only way that will lead us to success.


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