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What's your challenge at work?

At the Academy of Design Thinking, all the courses have a real challenge at the core. Participants try and find solutions while applying design thinking mindset, process and tools. These challenges are always complex, sometimes so complex that they are considered "wicked" challenges. And while there is not one possible solutions to solve them, there could be myriads of solutions addressing the problems at the root of those challenges.

This week we looked at the top five workplace challenges facing organisations, productivity, engagement, diversity and inclusion, wellbeing, learning and development.

Each of those challenges has got people at the heart, and using a human centred approach to tackle them, seems the right fit. We deconstructed each of those challenges, and tried to get to the causes of them, before turning them into How might we....and look for solutions that are relevant, local, desirable, and feasible.

According to the Best Place to Work Report, now in its 20th year, "there are things that don’t change: Best Workplaces™ keep their people at the heart of everything that they do".

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