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  • Julia Goga-Cooke


The chicken and egg question. Reading about the Apple's New Campus, I can not help thinking about spaces, how we make them and how they make us. The new campus is Steve's vision of a workplace where people are open to each other and open to nature. It is a complex that blurs the line between the inside and outside, taking the inspiration from Stanford University and blowing it to extravaganza. Jobs’ idea was to have the pod concept at the center and repeat those pods over and over: pod for office work, pod for teamwork, pod for socializing, and places where people cn bump into each other and talk. The building will house 12000 employees, it has only One restaurant, a huge one, forcing everyone to get together. In this new project, Jobs was balancing an engineer’s need for intense concentration with the brainstorming that unearths innovation. As the building is getting ready to host the first 4000 people, a lot of comparisons are being made with other Tech campuses. There is no question that from the architectural point of view this might be the most collaborative building in the world. The question is "will it make the culture at Apple a lot more open and collaborative?

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