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Pitch your Startup

F2F or Virtual Instructor Led 



Based on years of experience of training and coaching people to use their verbal, audio and visual skills, we have developed this hands-on coaching framework to help you as a leader become a confident and inspiring presenter.






















Our immersive, structured training/coaching takes you on a journey of discovering your inner storyteller, creating your presence, structuring the message, using your whole self: voice projection, body language, and connectedness with the audience for impact and influencing.


Our FOUR STAGE approach aims to take you on a hands-on journey to:


• ESTABLISH PURPOSE (Why are you presenting? What are you talking about? Why should anyone care?)

• EMPATHISE WITH THE AUDIENCE (How to understand the audience. How to connect with their minds and hearts. How to reach them in their own context for effective engagement)

• CRAFT THE MESSAGE How to craft the message with clarity, simplicity and beauty. How to create coherent structures for impact and influence. How to weave facts, data and stories in your presentation to make an argument. How to use visuals, props, slide decks to create presentations that are visually rich and complement your message

• DELIVER THE MESSAGE (How to develop techniques to create leadership presence. How to manage anxiety and nerves. How to use voice, tone, body language and style. How to deliver memorable pitches that engage and inspire even when you are under stress. How to handle Q&A

This programme is suitable for startup and SME leaders.


Course Fee: Half Day £475/ One Day £795 (includes IOEE Certificate)


We get you ready for the big DAY! 

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