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A Human and Planet Centred Approach 
to innovate and thrive

Academy of Design Thinking

Academy of Design Thinking (ADT), provides Training, Coaching and Consultancy to help companies create the capability of Design Thinking Innovation and Storytelling for Business Success. ADT Programmes are delivered as F2F, Instructor Led Virtual and as Digital Micro Learning (on mobile). 

All programmes award certificates by IOEE recognised in UK and internationally. 

Ever wonder what Design Thinking is? Watch the video!


ADT has delivered programmes since 2009  in UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Germany, Albania, India, China, Nigeria, Singapore, with thousands of participants from more than 100 global companies, from various industries, helping them create their signatory Design Thinking process, training trainers and scale the capability organisation wide.

Design Thinking + Agile + Storytelling

design thinking

Let ADT help you build
your innovation and storytelling muscles.
We are here to help!

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