We are all expected to innovate in whatever we do, bring new products, new services, find efficiencies, do more with less, motivate and engage the employees, create excellence in customer service, adopt new ways of working, make good use of technologies in the digital age. The big question is HOW? How do you innovate? 


Learn Design Thinking as a mindset and process for innovation. You don't have to be a designer to be a design thinker. Come and practise methods and tools as used by Apple, Google, P&G, Intuit, Fidelity, Barclays, Cisco, SAP, UNDP and other organisations that have innovation in every cell of the organisation and not just R&D.

This one week Bootcamp aims to set you off as a design thinker. Immersed in hands-on practical activities, you will learn how to apply key methods and tools for each stage of the Design Thinking process, adopt a design thinking mindset, lead a team to work smart, efficiently and innovatively and integrate Design Thinking in your work and life.




Key stages in the Design Thinking innovation process, from exploration and discovery of needs and gaps, to turning the needs into opportunities for new products, services and experiences that bring value to customers, the company and society: 


Empathy is at the foundation of Design Thinking. Through hands on activities you will be using Methods  and Tools like Interviewing, Observation, Visualisation, Customer Journeys that will help you understand at a deeper level the needs of the people you are finding solutions for, be they your clients or your employees.                      


You may have taken part or heard about Brainstorming. That is one of many techniques you will be using to imagine new solutions, decide criteria for selecting ideas and developing them into concepts.


Experimentation is one of the key mindsets of design thinkers. You will be using many prototyping techniques to make your ideas tangible and test them out in the field. 


As innovators you need to tell the story for impact, inspiration and support. You will learn how to empathise with the audience, craft the message, use different channels and deliver for success. 


Understand your own mindset and attitude to risk and failure. Explore ways how to develop creative confidence in yourself and your team. Adopt a design thinking mindset of empathy, curiosity, experimentation, collaboration and turn problems into opportunities.


How to integrate Design Thinking in your work with your clients and customers, leading teams to work smartly, efficiently and innovatively.

Last but not least, enjoy the social programme that we put in place to give you a glimpse of the best that London can offer in summer!

Do contact us if you'd like to get a bootcamp or hackathon for your organisation.

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