Demystifying Design Thinking 

"100 leaders, 800 ideas 12 prototypes, all in 90 minutes! Enjoyable, insightful and interactive! "

                               Anshoo Kapur, Tata Consultancy Services

A perfect taster for a leadership conference, an awayday, a team building gathering.

You have heard about DESIGN THINKING, time to learn what it is. This fast pace session is for you. The aim is to give you the basics of Design Thinking Process through a highly interactive methodology of learning by doing.


You will be using the four stage Design Thinking Process of Explore/ Imagine/ Implement/ Tell the Story and learn:

  1. How to approach challenges, create empathy, frame and define the problems.

  2. How to generate lots of ideas individually and in groups, when together physically or virtually through a combination of individual brainstorming and brain writing techniques.

  3. How to use experimentation tools, prototype, testing, and feedback.

  4. How to tell the story of your innovation.


We call this short session InnoSprint. It's fast, fun, and relevant for business people that are curious to learn new skills and aspire to be creative and innovative. You will learn by applying the Design Thinking Process to a real challenge. 


Contact us and Bring InnoSprint where you are! It is enjoyable, useful, energetic, collaborative!

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