Facilitating Strategy Conversations through Design Thinking

Facilitation: Strategy Conference/Awayday Facilitation 

Are you thinking of bringing your top team for an away-day, to align the vision, get the team to know each other at a deeper level, find synergies between different departments…and many more?

We’d love to help you. Our team of top executive Facilitators have been managing strategy conversations in big gatherings face to face( from 20-600 people)  and even bigger online ( 200-4000 people).


With our research insights, facilitation skills and design thinking toolbox, we  empower you to diagnose where you are, imagine where you you would like to be, tap into imaginative solutions, and develop the mindset and capabilities that are crucial to succeed.

We help you tell the story of you future in ways that inspire and motivate. Our clients include organisation like UK Trade and Investment, BT, Tata Consultancy Services, People in Aid, British Council, Vodafone Foundation, BUPA, UNDP, UNCCS, Help the Children, GreenPeace, Mondi, Vinci, Celesio and more.

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