Design Thinking Innovation

Team Course

Four virtual instructor led sessions x 2.5 hours

Solving problems in imaginative ways is at the top of the agenda for many companies, especially in times of crises. It is no surprise that 79 percent of executives in the Global Human Capital Trends survey rated design thinking an important or very important issue.

We often think we know our customers well, we have surveys, focus groups and questionnaires, the best desk research there is. These methods are useful but not enough. The best way to test the assumptions we hold about the needs they have, the pain points, the desires they have, the aspirations and goals is by getting out, observing, talking with people, immersing ourselves in their environment, and by doing so creating deep empathy which is essential in transforming the way you create new products, new services and experiences that bring value to the customers, the company and the society at large.

Human centred is not only about customers, it is about your people too, the employees, the stakeholders as there is no question about the need to innovate in organisational design, in learning and development, in managing performance, in creating employee experiences fit for the digital age. The question is HOW? This is where Design Thinking as a mindset and a process for innovation can give you and your teams the methods and tools how to innovate. 


Our Programme of Four Instructor Led Sessions x2.5 hours each will enable your people to apply a mindset of collaboration, experimentation, curiosity and empathy as well as equip them with a framework, methods and tools  they can apply straight away in their role: 

  • The key stages in the Design Thinking innovation process, with emphasis on the exploration and discovery stage.

  • Practice key methods and tools that you can take away and use immediately to address challenges in Productivity, Diversity, Organisational Development, Engagement, Managing performance, Complex collaboration Learning and Development.

  • Integrate Design Thinking in your work combine it with Agile and Lean.

Who should take part:

We love teams! Bring a team ( minimum 4 people, maximum 12) and a challenge and learn Design Thinking Innovation by applying the methods and tools and leaving with a roadmap for success. 

Programme fee: £495pp

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