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The world is changing at an unprecedented pace. Innovate or die has become a mantra for a lot of organisations, big and small. Ambiguity and uncertainty demand us all to make sense of the change, think on our feet, relearn and regenerate. Digital transformation is about people! As a leader you are constantly required to empathise with them, engage them, inspire them and lead them to innovate in whatever role they are. Leaders as Design Thinking Facilitator does just that.

Beyond Post-its is a two day Design Thinking Masterclass for leaders as Design Thinking Facilitators of innovation and disruption. The hands-on approach will deep dive you in the use of design thinking methods and tools that you can continue to use when you go back to your own teams, and challenge you to adopt innovators' mindsets of questioning, experimentation, openness and challenging assumptions. In this activity packed day you will learn how to:

  • Lead your teams to build an innovation pipeline

  • Foster complex collaboration

  • Take the risk out of risk-taking

  • Tell the story for impact.


We all have experienced getting excited during a workshop and once we are back to our desks, it is business as usual. That's why we stopped doing "just workshops". Following the two days, you will be part of our virtual programme, which gives you access to tools as you need them and  to 2 `Design Thinking Innovation coaching sessions. We will be there to help you use the new knowledge and skills in your own work context.


Who should take part:

Managers, project leaders, entrepreneurs that would like to grow their business by innovation and anybody passionate to learn and innovate. Design Thinking loves teams. 


Certificate Awarded:

At the completion of the course, you will be able to obtain an IOEE certificate, which is recognised in the UK and internationally. 


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