Job Interviews-a Gen Z view

Job interviews. I don't think any of us enjoy them, they're a stressful affair. You're placed in front of a person, or sometimes multiple people and are supposed to put across the best possible image of yourself and why you're the best person to have stepped foot in that room. Rather daunting. Having myself applied for countless numbers of weird jobs that require no qualifications whatsoever (I once got turned down by a company looking for someone to put flyers in letterboxes, a low point in my life) I have encountered several different types of interview. I've had the classic one on one interview, I've had group interviews and I've had phone interviews, and one thing I've concluded from th

Embrace the youth!

My favourite news bite of the week came in the form of a story about an English student and his journey from Newcastle to London. It cost him a modest £27 and also allowed him half a day in the sun in Menorca. Now you may argue that Newcastle to London via Menorca is not the most logical of routes, however when you take into account, that him being a student, he's most likely cash-strapped and by choosing this route he saved £40, then perhaps it is. Such is the state of our national rail network that it's cheaper to fly out then back into the country than it is to take a train practically due south, but we'll save that rant for another day, I want to focus on the creativity and frugalness be

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